(By Catherine Filloux, Jimmy Roberts and John Daggett)


JOAN WILKES, “Buffalo’s Favorite Diva,” must sell The Big Dipper Inn, her magical but debt-ridden motel known for its singing hostess and rich family history.  Her son, DEZ, is all set to go to a pricey university, so she needs some serious cash.  Ambitious realtor BONNIE HASKINS is strong-arming JOAN to close the deal with Highland Corp and guarantee her promotion to Senior VP.


Outside, a raging blizzard has caused a van filled with AMISH folks to collide with a charter bus carrying a group of CROSS-DRESSERS.  The State Police bring the stranded passengers to the Dipper to wait out the storm, and JOAN reluctantly takes them in.


Hotshot lawyer JAKE BARNES (aka JACKY) frantically hides his cross-dressing from his wife.  Transgender pal, BARBIE, carries a torch for her high-strung companion and is obsessed with getting to Toronto for the “Ladies of the Lake” talent show.  Amish widower, AMOS KING, wants his rebellious daughter REBECCA to join the church and marry.  But she has plans of her own, including a solemn pilgrimage to Niagara Falls. And no one will listen to MR. SAPPER, retired musician and permanent resident of the inn, until he discovers some unexpected answers deep inside Buffalo’s antebellum past that might change everyone's plans.


As the snow falls and hostilities rise, DEZ and REBECCA suddenly go missing, and JOAN must rally the troops to rescue the teens.  Along the way, this group of misfits forms a community with a common purpose, perhaps strong enough to save JOAN'S beloved Big Dipper and become a family she never knew she had.